Growth of the Equestrian Therapy Program

The Equestrian Therapy Program is starting its 28th year of providing therapeutic horseback riding to the handicapped in our Lima area. Since its founding in 1982, the Equestrian Therapy Program has become a center of specialized horseback riding therapy for individuals with a variety of physical disabilities. It improves the lives of individuals with disabilities as well as their entire family. During this past year we averaged 82 riders per week.

Volunteers and donors are the backbone of The Equestrian Therapy Program. Without community involvement, the Program would not exist. It is because of the interest, support and encouragement of good people like you that we are able to continue making a difference in so many lives.

Since 1982 we have had careful and steady growth. We have reached a point that we have outgrown our current facility. We are in need of more horses to meet the demands of new programming as well as existing class loads, but we have no more stalls. Our growth has also led to hiring more staff and we are in need of a larger office and conference room. We have come to the decision that we need to construct a new building to meet these needs. By completing this new addition we will be able to ride more riders and we also will be able to expand programming to at -risk youth and alternative learners.

Please look over the brochure and the fliers. We hope you can help us with this project.

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