Meet the Horses

Norton "Mighty Big Zipper" 

 Howdy, I'm Norton. I'm a good looking Appaloosa gelding - still pretty energetic, even as an older chap. I was donated to the Program by Judy Leister, so I could people learn to ride horses. I was trained at the University of Findlay and have been shown on the Appaloosa Show Circuit in western pleasure and competitive trail classes. This job is pretty interesting, and I appreciate not having to keep up with a hectic show schedule. The friends here are nice, and there is plenty of room to roam. I think this will do just fine. Come see me! And bring a carrot... They're good for my eyes, ya know!

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Little Chap Tula "Tula"

What a change of pace! Hi, I'm Tula. I am a registered Appendix mare. I was born on April 12, 2005. I was purchased from Chris Kline and his family for the Program in the summer of 2016. Before that, I worked very hard as a competition roping horse. The staff says I am smart, kind, willing, and have a big "whoa"! I am enjoying the friends and all the love we get from groomers and riders! Come see me in the barn! 

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Frosty Pine High Voltage "Winston"

 I came to ETP in 2013 as a donation. My parents, Laura and Wayne Byerly, wanted me to have a great home where people would give me a job and love on me. Boy, did they pick well! I am currently working in youth classes and some adult classes. When not working, I enjoy watching class from my barn stall or sunbathing with my turnout buddies. 

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 I have been working at the Program since being purchased in 2010. The staff have really come to understand me and what I need. I love to play with people and horses and sometimes I get distracted. They call me the "Veteran horse" because I am biggest and able to carry tall, unbalanced riders. Other than that, food and play time are my favorite past times. I am honored to carry men and women of the Armed Forces. You can easily find my stall; it is the one decorated with a flag. They said I need more cookies!

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 Phoenix - In Loving Memory

 After being here for years, I am what the staff calls a "metronome". I have the same pace and the same attitude all the time. If a new rider is scared, I am the horse they call on. I am getting a little older now, but the care is great. I used to ride a lot of adults, but now I am carrying more children. I also get to work in Hippotherapy. The kids love to count my spots. My favorite part is when they bring me treats!

Phoenix passed away on March 31, 2015. His picture and description remain on the website as a tribute to his dedication to his job. He is surely a horse for our history books, and he will be missed for years to come. A good horse is worth their weight in gold. A good therapy horse's quality could never be measured in tangible terms. We were honored to know an animal that gave so much time to others. Happy Trails and Green Pastures, spotted friend. 

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 I am the "handsome" one of the herd. Every one loves my striped mane. I can be timid at times, but they have done so much here to make me feel comfortable. I am big enough to carry adults and smooth enough to ride for all. I was brought here on loan in 2012, and I have so enjoyed my time at the farm.


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 I am a spirited, forward pony. They tell me I could be a cute hunter-jumper. I carry many of the small, young riders at the farm. I can be a handful sometimes, but I never mean harm. I love napping in the sun outside my stall. The farm purchased me many years ago, and every day has been an adventure.


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 Starquos Teddy Bear "George"

 I'm George! Nice to meet you! Did you bring me cookies? I love being part of the entertainment at the farm. I was bought for the Program, and I work very hard to be the best horse I can be. I love to run outside and play with the boys in my group. We have so much fun. I carry adults, teens, and young riders. They trust me with the riders, and each give me kisses. I love meeting people!

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 Oakfield Emma "Emma"

 My owner, Kelly Searson, offered me as a loan to the Program in 2011. I was a brood mare with some training, but I can no longer have babies. Kelly loves me so much that she wants me to have a new job. Here, I get to babysit my riders and take care of the people that love me. I enjoy working with every one. They call me the "herd mom" because I keep an eye over the whole herd. I love to snuggle and be close to people at the farm.

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 The Great Grassby "Grassby"

 I used to be a circus pony before being purchased by the Program. Although, I do not work in classes anymore, I am the perfect size for timid groomers to learn about horses. I am visited most Wednesdays by my scheduled groomer to learn how to be comfortable around horses. The staff likes to dress me up for Ride-a-thon and let me sell 50/50 tickets for the day. I enjoy being outside with the other ponies.


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 Dunnit Like a Colonel "Scotty"

 I have been working at ETP for many years. I was bought when I was still a youthful reining horse, and boy did I have buttons! They said I was fancy! I have not done much reining for a long time, but I still remember a thing or two. I can be sensitive at times, but I love my riders. My favorite times are outside with my friends or going for a trail ride.


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 Mister RA "Mister"

 I am head pony. I have been working at the program for many years. I can sometimes be cantankerous, but I never mean any harm. I love feeding time and turn out time when I am not in class. Sometimes, my friend Kathy will get me out to play. It's a great break from class work! I work mostly with youth riders and have served many hours in Hippotherapy. If you need a smooth-walking pony, I am your man! Or... pony?

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Well, hello! My name is Jessie! Want to be my friend? This place is very interesting! The Program purchased me from my previous owner in summer of 2014. I was born in 2008 and am a pony at 14.2 hands. Although, I am considered a pony, I spend my time outside with taller friends. I have found Emma to be very calming, as I am still a little young. She is such a good friend to have. I hope you come see me soon! I love meeting new people!

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I came to the Program July 2014. The staff knew I would work immediately. I am getting older, but they understand how to get me warmed up and ready for class. I enjoy the slower work I get to do here, but I also have some fun trotting with the younger riders. They said Phoenix "fell in love" with me, and we were inseparable. I have enjoyed all the people I have been able to meet here. I am glad my owner, Jane Jones, was able to get me into this Program and keep an old lady moving!

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Hello there. My name is Lola. I am an American Paint pony being leased to ETP by my owner, Allison Stoner. We spent many years together - cantering, jumping, and being fancy. The instructors here say I am kind of a "formal" pony, always behaving as a lady should. I enjoy spending time with the riders here. Everyone is very sweet to me, and I have been able to spend time making friends with the other ponies as well. Let's go for a jog!

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