• Leading in class

    Leading in class
  • Great day for a bike ride!

  • Fun Run/Scavenger Hunt

  • Ride-a-thon clean up

  • Christmas time!

  • Groomers make our horses shine!


When we count our blessings... We count you twice!

Our volunteers are the backbone of our Program. We cannot exist without them and we cannot thank them enough for their dedication and service to our organization and our participants. There are many different volunteer opportunities available at The Equestrian Therapy Program.

Some of our volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Sidewalking
  • Leading horses
  • Tacking horses
  • Grooming horses
  • Office help
  • Fundraiser help
  • "Handy" farm help (fencing, mowing, etc.)

In order to be a volunteer, we require that you:

  • Be a minimum of 14 years old
  • Attend a mandatory volunteer training
  • Complete and return volunteer paperwork
  • Plan to attend a full session (approximately one day a week for 9 weeks)

 We are very excited to share our wonderful program! 

Volunteers are not a "dime a dozen."

They are priceless!

Volunteer Information

22532 Bowsher Road • Cridersville, OH 45806 •  PH: 419-657-2700 • Fax: 419-657-2887 • E-mail